Several airlines fly to Jakarta.

Among the main ones: Qatar, Emirates, Ethiad, Singapore, Turkish etc. From the Indonesian capital another flight of about four hours takes you to Sorong, arriving early in the morning, where our staff will welcome you at the airport and accompany you to the ferry to Waisai; From here our boat will take you to the resort. You have to arrive in Sorong early in the morning by 7.30 am to be in time to catch the ferry.

Remember to pick up your luggage in Jakarta and re-board it for Sorong. If you are staying in Jakarta for several hours, we recommend that you take a hotel room at the airport at terminal 3 or terminal 2 or take advantage of one of the cheaper lounges. A little rest and a shower will allow you to lighten up the long journey.

Same itinerary for the return. If the return flight to Jakarta is in the morning, you will be taken to Sorong the day before the flight. We will transfer you to the hotel of your choice. You may book it via a classical platform like

In case you choose an afternoon flight, do not book it earlier than 1.00 pm