Terms and conditions

Please send reservations to resortagusta@gmail.com

At the time of booking it is necessary to send a copy of passports, domestic flights and billing address.
We at Agusta accept kids starting from the age of 10 and they are charged as adults.
When making your booking, please indicate whether you are a diver or a snorkeler, and if you are planning on renting any equipment.
Please let us know if you have special dietary needs at the time of booking.
At the resort, it is mandatory to maintain a polite and respectful attitude towards guests and staff.
Violation of the resort’s rules (including the payment terms of the deposit and balance) will result in the cancellation of the contract without refund.
No refunds will be given for nights not used, snorkeling or diving not carried out unless it is the direct responsibility of the resort.
At the resort there is free Wi-Fi in the restaurant/relaxation area and in the Deluxe cottages.
It may happen that for some hours of the day (usually in the afternoon until around 6.00 pm) the Indonesian internet operator decreases the quality of the signal, making communications via the internet difficult.
Any Indonesian SIM cards purchased by customers in the same hours will also not receive 4G signal.
It does not depend on the resort but on the Indonesian manager.


Euros,indonesian rupees or dollars are accepted. The change applied will be the average one of the day.
Credit cards are not accepted. It is possible to make transfers or money transfers to the resort with internet . Remember to bring what is necessary to perform the operation.
We accept USD in good condition dated beyond 2009.
We prefer cuts of more than or equal to 50 USD, because local banks refuse minor cuts. For local banking regulations, credit card payments from abroad are not permitted.
All costs related to transfers (own bank and intermediary bank) must be borne by the paying guest – select ‘‘payer pays full transfer fees’ or a similar phrase if your bank is supported by another intermediary bank, the intermediation costs will will be charged. The deposit is non-refundable but can be used for a booking on another date.

We do not accept any responsibility for problems with flights: delays, cancellations, time changes, overweight costs, lost luggage etc.
All payments must be made in full amount by bank transfer to:
C.C. 6135477111
Account holder: PT Agusta
Please send a copy of the transfer to resortagusta@gmail.com


30% of the total on booking.


45 days before arrival at the resort.
For reservations within 45 days full payment on booking.

Refund policy for cancellation

The deposit is non-refundable.
For cancellations from 45 to 29 days before arrival 50% of the total will be refunded.
20% of the total will be refunded from 29 to 20 days before arrival.
No refund within 19 days prior to arrival.
No refund for any nights or dives and snorkeling not used for reasons not dependent on the resort’s responsibility.
At the discretion of the management it is possible to move the dates of the stay also based on the availability of cottages.

Last minute bookings

For last minute bookings, pre-payments with personal or business credit cards are NOT accepted. For local banking regulations we do not accept credit card payments from abroad.
If the pre-payment should not be made or demonstrated within the established terms, the reservation will be canceled and no service will be provided.


We recommend travel insurance to reduce your risks.

Special dietary needs

It is mandatory to communicate special dietary needs at the time of booking

Excursions and itineraries

The dive sites and itineraries are decided exclusively by the management of Agusta Eco Resort, based on various criteria, including tides, weather, the experience of divers, the state of health and interests of most of the guests.
We do our best to satisfy guests’ needs, but we cannot guarantee visits to specific sites or particular itineraries.
Some dive sites are not appropriate for all divers.
Smoking is prohibited in all cottages

Diving insurance

Divers must have valid diving insurance.

In the event of medical problems or hospitalization, the costs can be very significant.
Agusta Eco Resort is not responsible for medical or travel expenses.

All the information on this site is subject to change by the management without prior communication.